Small businesses have become big business for hackers

A lot of local companies think they are immune from hackers. After all, with so many big corporations making millions of dollars down the road in Manhattan, why would any cyber criminal take the time to attack a small business here in Suffolk County? For starters, the security at your business is a lot less comprehensive than at an enterprise-level company. They are going to have an entire IT department with people dedicated to protecting their systems and data. That’s probably something you can’t say about your business. However, when you partner with Tech Shrinks, LLC, you’ll get the same high level of technology found at those large companies at a small business price.

Security from Tech Shrinks, LLC offers:

  • Network monitoring - we look after your network so you have one less thing to worry about
  • Firewall protection - keep viruses and intruders away with our firewalls in place
  • Content filtering - unsafe or harmful websites will be blocked
  • Anti-virus support - get best-in-class anti-virus protection and defend your network from malware
  • Wi-Fi and 4G services - mobile devices will also be protected when using your network
  • Email security - every email, attachment and link is scanned before arriving in your inbox
  • Spam protection - harmful email will be filtered out before your employees can click on it

Security threats are growing both in number and power each and every day. While there is no magic solution to protect your IT infrastructure, by putting the right security in place you can greatly reduce the risk of something happening at your business.

With our team’s vast knowledge and experience, Tech Shrinks, LLC is able to offer you enterprise-level security without needing to have an in-house IT department. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is truly protected.