VMWare Virtualization

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At Tech Shrinks, LLC we work with VMware to help you minimize how many servers you use by optimizing your systems' configuration. By running multiple programs and operating systems that every machine in your office can connect to, you’ll be able to do far more - with far less.

A VMware DRS cluster is a collection of hosts and associated virtual machines that share the same resources and management interface. Once you add a host to a DRS cluster, the host’s resources become a part of the cluster’s resources as well. Besides the collection of resources, a DRS cluster is capable of supporting cluster-wide resource pools as well as enforcing cluster-level resource allocation policies.

The following cluster-level resource management capabilities are available:

  • Load Balancing - after monitoring CPU distribution and usage as well as memory resources for all hosts and virtual machines within the cluster, metrics are compared to an ideal resource utilization based on resource pools, virtual machines, current demand and imbalance target. DRS then recommends/performs virtual machine migrations - ensuring that it gets paired up with an appropriate host.
  • Power Management - by enabling the Distributed Power Management feature, DRS compares cluster- and host-level capacities to the demands of the virtual machines. It then places/recommends placing hosts in standby power mode if an excess capacity is found. Depending on host power state recommendations, virtual machines might need to be migrated between hosts.
  • Virtual Machine Placement - fully control the placement of virtual machines on hosts within a cluster through designating DRS affinity or anti-affinity rules.