Introducing a new way to save money - virtualization

Some of the concepts regarding virtualization can seem complicated. So let’s start by speaking a language we all understand - green. Embracing virtualization can let you reduce costs on areas like hardware, backup and disaster recovery and even electricity. How is this possible? Instead of running your applications using on-site servers, these will be hosted off-site and accessible to your computers and devices at your company via the internet.

With Virtualization from Tech Shrinks, LLC you’ll receive:

  • Improved application performance – with applications running on state-of-the-art servers
  • Disaster preparedness – we’ll make sure everything is backed up off-site and ready to go at all times
  • Server freedom – reduce the number of servers you need on-site or repurpose the ones you already have to improve performance in other areas
  • Significant savings – decrease the amount you spend on electricity and serve maintenance each month

Tech Shrinks, LLC offers your company capabilities that will enable you to separate your IT resources from your physical premises through virtualization. Instead of cluttering up the office with expensive and bulky equipment, you’ll get your technology delivered to you through the internet.

And while it may seem complicated or confusing, our team of experts will explain everything in terms you understand. We can virtualize many aspects of your current IT setup including networks, storage, laptop and server hardware, operating systems and applications giving you the freedom to create a solution you feel comfortable with.